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Marron International Travels, established in 1997, is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. We provide tour, trek and hike services to different parts of Nepal and neighboring regions like Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling. Different packages can be availed here for groups and individual seeking to fulfill their desire for thrilling travel experiences and adventures. Personalized packages designed to meet individual needs ranging from comfortable and easy treks to adrenaline adventures are also available at
Marron. At Marron, we believe that the most exciting journeys are those in which the travelers can blend with the surroundings they travel into so that the natural environment remains undisturbed. Keeping this in mind we make it a point to carry all our rubbish during camp treks so that the surroundings we travel to remain clean and in their best natural state. We also assure that our camping equipments are well maintained and clean. Similarly, hygienic and locally produced fresh food( where available) is served in a clean and healthy atmosphere giving importance to the health of guests and support staff alike. So with Marron, you can be assured that by your presence, not only is the natural environment undisturbed but also local livelihoods are supported.

Marron's commitment is to provide you with unparalleled professionalism and value in trekking and tours through our highly trained staff and their extensive knowledge of all aspects of travel. Their high level of expertise has been gained through many years of professional experience in the travel industry and from the knowledge obtained through the extensive travel many of our consultants themselves have undertaken. Our team comprises of highly experienced entrepreneurs, professional tour leaders, guides, and mountaineering expert Sherpas. The technical team is especially trained under government institutions of Nepal so as to professionally respond to the needs of every visitor and also effeciently handle any kind of situation that may arise in their course of travel. They are at the same time courteous, hard working and hospitable and always pay special attention to the well-being of the guests. Most of the climbing personnel who guide our visitors have sumitted several peaks over 6,000 m and hold enhanced proficiency level certificates for guiding.As all our travel agencies/associates are managed by the person who owns the agency, it means they have a personal interest in providing quality customer service and making sure your travel experience is both enjoyable and rewarding. All our offices are designed to give you the opportunity to discuss in comfort all aspects of your travel arrangements with our consultants, whether it is a substantial overseas holiday or just a short bus or train journey. Take the opportunity to speak to any one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants.
As tourism has become a truly global industry, we recognize our obligation to operate our trekking and tours in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We view this not only as an environmental issue but an economic and social one as well. Above all we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience. We also believe that by following these policies we can provide a more rewarding and interesting experience to our clients.

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